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Dark Spelled Romantasies

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A runaway princess.

Time-twisting magic.

When a handsome stranger comes to save her, rejection is what he’ll find.

Horrified by the prospect of an arranged marriage, Princess Vildi escapes home and smarmy suitors in favor of the adventure she always wanted. But upon entering the desert, she discovers that she’s hunted by a sinister, unknown enemy intent on her life. A desperate game of cat and mouse begins. Alone and trapped in the clutches of deadly magic, rescue comes in the form of a handsome stranger.

But Sirion is as mysterious as he is charming. As Princess Vildi feels herself falling for her savior, she realizes her very freedom and survival are in peril. For deeply hidden secrets seem to hide in the depths of his stormy blue eyes.

Can she risk her life to give him her heart?

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The Fairy-Tale Lie

A nightmare crushes her fragile peace.

Blood coats the throne.

Will it be the death of her kingdom?

After over a year apart, Vildi only wants time with her family. But celebrations shatter as magic calls its due, unraveling Sirion’s secrets and heralding his death. And in his wake, the whole kingdom will fall.

With the sting of his deception in her heart, Vildi sets out to save Sirion and her new home. But in the land of destitution, it’s hard to tell friend from foe.

Can Vildi save her love and her kingdom from destruction?

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Ishimin ebook.jpg

War on the horizon.

Duty calls her home.

Flames consume her thoughts.

Watching Jarle’s cold eyes, Madalyn’s heart fills with regret. But the enemy has besieged her home, and Madalyn vows to put aside her emotions to save her family. When danger pushes her in Jarle’s path, warmth grows between them once more. Just as she realizes: this winter war demands sacrifice.

As passion and destruction clashes in her heart, Madalyn searches for a way to end the war.

Because if the gods’ frozen tree burns, they will all die.


Will her love come at the cost of her

family and kingdom?

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