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A crown princess.

A duty given by the gods.

Will she find the courage to embrace her destiny?


Madalyn always wanted a love like in the fairy tales. Watching her childhood friend’s smile, she feels her heart grow warm. But when a cold winter strikes with sickness and starvation, Madalyn discovers that the mantle of a ruler demands sacrifice.


As magic stirs to claim her future, she must choose between her heart and her duties. Because her passion might come at the price of her kingdom.


In a world where the lives of her loved ones are weighted against her happiness, can she choose the right path?

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A runaway princess.

An adventure gone wrong.

A stranger in the night.


Free-spirited Princess Vildi only ever wanted a fairy-tale adventure. Threatened with losing both her dreams and her freedom at the hands of her suitors, Vildi runs away from home. But as she enters an exotic desert kingdom, old magic awakens that twists time and threatens her sanity.


Hunted and alone, Vildi's salvation comes as the outstretched hand of a handsome stranger. But his secrets might prove just as deadly.


As Vildi's heart sways toward love once more, can she trust his smile?

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The Fairy-Tale Lie

A nightmare crushes her fragile peace.

Blood coats the throne.

Will it be the death of her kingdom?

After over a year apart, Vildi only wants time with her family. But celebrations shatter as magic calls its due, unraveling Sirion’s secrets and heralding his death. And in his wake, the whole kingdom will fall.

With the sting of his deception in her heart, Vildi sets out to save Sirion and her new home. But in the land of destitution, it’s hard to tell friend from foe.

Can Vildi save her love and her kingdom from destruction?

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War on the horizon.

Duty calls her home.

Flames consume her thoughts.

With her childhood home besieged by the enemy, Madalyn swears to save her family. But when allies turn traitors and a warning flares up her arm, she can only see fire. And she realizes this winter war demands sacrifice.


As passion and destruction clashes in her heart, Madalyn searches for a way to end the war. Because if Ishimin burns, they will all die.


Can Madalyn protect her kingdom and

her loved ones?

Coming in 2023
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Desert Dragon

Book description coming!

Coming in 2024
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The Jewel of the Amber Court

A sophisticated princess.

A barbarian prince.

A simple agreement.

From her golden hair to the amber in her ears, Princess Emira is perfectly content as the Jewel of the Amber Court. When an invitation arrives to a crown prince's coming of age ball, her parents demand that she attends. And Emira knows he’s the prince of a frigid and crude land—a barbarian.


She will remain trapped in the country she loathes unless she secures his proposal. Yet capturing his love proves more of a challenge than Emira thought, and he holds the key to her freedom.


Can she crush a barbarian heart?

Coming in 2023
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